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Coaching You to Your Next Step

You & Coaching

Have you recently taken on a new role? Have you a broader responsibility than before? A team to lead for the first time? Have you experienced business or people challenges that you find hard to deal with?

Do you want to step up? Are you ready for your next step in your career, but not quite yet?

Are you feeling stuck and want to move forward again? 

You can achieve anything that you believe is possible if you are committed and willing to take the necessary actions.

I will coach you. Empower you. Encourage and support you to achieve what you want. I will help you to define what you exactly want and to get there in an efficient, inspiring and motivating way.

We will look to the future and you will move forward to success.

Why Coaching?

It is a first step to take  control, to take responsibility for where you are now and where you want to go to. It starts with taking time for yourself and for self-reflection. 

"Sara creates an amazingly comfortable, non-judgmental environment where I could share my thoughts freely. As a result, I was able to properly process my personal and professional challenges with Sara acting as an objective sounding board, leading me to pathways I had not explored yet."

Anna, Sr Communication & Marketing Manager -  UK

Coaching by Sara

Coaching with Sara is structured and result oriented. We will work towards specific and realistic goals.

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Coaching Solutions

Expat Coaching

Inspiring & Motivating

Coaching will help you to commit to your goals, to be motivated to take action,

to move forward. Coaching often results in a higher self-awareness, self-belief, and confidence.

"Coaching by Sara made me take back my place in the driver seat of my career. Sara challenged me to set achievable career goals and to do this with an open mind. I now have a clear action plan and also, along the way to my goals, I feel much more satisfied doing my job than before."

Jeffrey, Private Banker - Belgium

Me Sara

Building on a great professional journey, a positive career in the Pharma industry and international relocation experience with my family, I'm following my passion in coaching people on their personal and professional challenges and ambitions.

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Safe and Confidential

In a confidential and non-judgemental environment, I will be an objective but challenging supporter along the way to your goals.

"As from the first moment, Sara made me feel completely at ease, which made me feel very comfortable to be open on difficult topics. By asking open questions she made me draw conclusions on how to approach difficult situations both in my professional as personal life.
Her empathy and positive attitude made our sessions very pleasant. I was always looking forward to them and felt focused, re-energized and full of optimism afterwards, which is for me the primary goal of coaching."

Ellen, Director Market Access - Belgium