You Expat

Having done 2 international moves in the last 4 years. I know what it is like to start all over - and this from the perspective of entrepreneur, mother, and partner.

Moving countries has been and still is a super positive experience for my family and myself, with fantastic opportunities, but certainly also its challenges!

How do you deal with this big change in your life? How different is it versus what you expected?  What about “not being sure about anything”? What is your purpose now you left your job back home?
Where is “home”?

Do you have doubts or worries that keep you from moving on? Do you have the idea you are ignoring what you really feel? Do you wonder “what you have done to your family”?  Do you miss your previous job, your family, your habits? Does this refrain you from taking action?

I would love to be your coach to guide you through this important transition in your life. I’m convinced that moving abroad can lead to an enormous personal wealth. It would be an honour to support you along the way to your goals, ambitions, and dreams.

Find Fulfillment

Coaching will help you to  build resilience and to find balance, focus and fulfillment when you need it most.

"It’s so valuable to have the time and space to focus on what I want to achieve and have someone really listen to me. This gives me a feeling of release and has helped reduce anxiety and fear about things I have worried about, but allows me to take action and overcome any challenges. I feel my confidence and motivation increases following on from each
coaching session with Sara. "

Abi, Career Coach - UK