Coaching by Sara

Coaching with Sara is structured and result oriented. We will work towards specific and realistic goals.

I love working with professionals within the corporate and business arena; with individuals with high potential! They often are ready to make a next step in their career, with broader responsibilities or a team to lead. Or, they just made that next step, but find the new challenges that come with that, more difficult to deal with than expected. 

I work with people who feel stuck and with people who are doing great, coaching both on professional and personal challenges and ambitions: Your professional and personal life are inextricably linked!

We can talk in English or Dutch.

I work strictly within the coaching industries Code of Ethics.

All information you share with me is confidential.

Inspiring & Motivating

Coaching will help you to commit to your goals, to be motivated to take action,

to move forward. Coaching often results in a higher self-awareness, self-belief, and confidence.

"Sara is very careful at picking up the slightest of assumptions which might thread their way to limiting beliefs, and will question them on the spot. She will ask time and again the questions that are left unanswered until you surprise yourself and come up with a name, or a way, or an idea that you have not bothered unearthing previously."

Violeta, Mum and Pscychology Student, Switserland

Coaching Solutions

One-to-One Coaching

Coaching with Sara is structured and resulted oriented. All coaching trajectories start with a chemistry session. From there we start a continuous journey toward specific and realistic goals with typically around 4-6 sessions over 3-6 months. We will increase your self-awareness: we will look at your strengths, the beliefs that influence your behaviours and we will discover how others look at you. Coaching will also boost your self-confidence and motivation and you will flourish as leader.

Contact me and let's figure out together what you need.

I'd love to meet you in person. I can come to your workplace or we can meet somewhere else, even go for a walk while coaching. 

All sessions can be held online with video call.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is coaching a group of individuals typically having a common interest. They have individual goals, individual focus area's and they are individually accountable for achieving their goals. A group coaching programme begins with an introduction to coaching skills so that delegates on the programme can experience the benefit of coaching and take some of the skills back to their workplace or personal life. Group members often realize that others have similar experiences, thoughts, doubts, or fears. Being coached in a group can increase accountability on planned actions when they are being shared with team members who are often very supportive to each other. Contact me to discuss.

"I now take time to reflect on things more and analyse them better, without losing
myself. This also means that I have to let go of some things, share responsibilities with others and especially not be too hard on myself.
Because private life and work are so connected, this evolution also has a positive impact on my personal life."

Cindy, Medical Science Liaison - Belgium